iX250 is rapidly becoming the default Orangery construction method for linking glazed atriums to any building. Trade Orangery Installers, builders of glazed extensions and even DIY enthusiasts can be aided in building an Orangery by this innovative sectional roofing support system.

Placing a lantern on a flat roof has presented structural challenges from the early days of traditional Orangery design.

Recently, lantern roof manufacturers and conservatory companies have assembled kits to assist in the Orangery build plans of homeowners. These Orangery roof kits are often supplied simply in order to obtain the order for the glazed lantern above and do little to help with ease of installation.

iX250 is the simplest and fastest Orangery plinth system on the market. A competent conservatory installer or builder and assistant can erect the whole roof including glazed lantern in one day.

DIY enthusiasts can build an Orangery easily using simple to follow instructions with no need for heavy lifting equipment as there are no large steels or glue laminated beams required to support the weight from above.

Used by many major UK home improvement companies as their standard Orangery construction detail, iX250 is the most effective and cost effective solution to an old problem.